Wild Kratts Season 4 Bgs

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Pirates Passage

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Here is a sample of a background I painted for the made for TV movie. “Pirates Passage” Click the tab at the top to see other examples from the movie.


Wild Kratts!

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Here is one of the backgrounds I painted while working on Season 2 of Wild Kratts television show. More examples can be found by clicking the tab at the top.

Coral Reef with shipwreck. BG from WILD KRATTS Season 2

Blazing Plunder

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The game is on the shelf for the moment, but I do like how the interface icons turned out as well as the island backgrounds.

It’s not even close to spring yet but…

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Travel bug

…this cute little bug is ready for a trip to Europe or South America….or maybe just the backyard. He doesn’t look very brave.

Cannon bug

The other fellow, no doubt from the flea circus, is aiming higher and is somewhat braver.

Funny Valentine

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This card was part of a series I did a couple of years ago. A reminder of the 70’s when cheezy pickup lines where new. If you like this kind of thing, feel free to post a reply or send me an e-mail and I can make a custom card for you for a reasonable fee. Be the envy of your friends and score brownie points with your significant other….lol

Front of Card

Inside of card

Just what we need on a chilly February morning

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Mexican Theme Background

A fantasy theme background

This is another couple of themed background images for the pet social site.